Seminar: How to Franchise Your F&B Business

Seminar: How to Franchise Your F&B Business

The’ F&B Franchise Seminar of the Year is finally here!

We are glad to invite you to our very first F&B seminar that is happening this coming 19th September at PNS Auditorium, PNS Tower, Bangsar South City, KL.

Why is it interesting? We have 3 powerful speakers coming your way!

Mr Sahar Sahad
“How to Franchise Your F&B Business”
-The most tactical strategy of all. Find out how you can kept your secret recipe while still offering a great quality of products to your customers at large. ‘The Art of Duplication’ is soon to be revealed right for your business. Need help on the proper Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)? This is it!

Mrs Lydia Jominin
“Market Your Franchise Business – Finding the Right Franchisee for You”
– Mrs Lydia is the Marketing expert in franchising. Setting out the right franchise marketing strategy at the lowest cost possible is something that will be shared out during the seminar. Not EVERYONE is suitable to become your franchisee. If you are in need of a franchisee profiling, this is it!

Mr Ahyat Ishak
“The Twin Dragon Business Strategy”
– Being one of the most sought after Property Guru in Malaysia, Ahyat have his best property investment strategy to be shared out. And this is going to be a very special sharing on how to LEVERAGE your franchise investment with your property investment. FRANCHISE + PROPERTY? Interesting, right? This is it!

F&B Franchisors & Licensors will be invited to showcase their products and business offering. Meet & greet them LIVE here in the seminar. This is it!

Do not wait as seats are limited.