Franchise is for every business but not for everyone – Either you are a franchisor, a franchisee or someone who would like to learn more about opportunities in franchising – Smart Franchise Partner is ready to offer its comprehensive franchise consultation services. Our experienced principal advisers are ready to answer your questions and concern anything on franchising.


Smart Franchise Partner values creative and strategic approach in developing franchise marketing materials. We pay special attention in assisting our clients for tailored powerful and relevant franchise marketing from printed advertising media to website design and development.


Smart Franchise Partner believes that the set up of a franchisable business model requires a lot of resources and considerable amount of time. The most critical in business model development is to establish the best model and its prototype. Smart Franchise Partner is ready to involve from the fundamental stage of brainstorming business ideas to prototype final transformation.


Smart Franchise Partner works for small and medium-sized companies focusing to improve their operations bottom-line and healthy cash flows. We work with newly set up companies as well as those in growth development and mature stages from a wide range of industries.

Franchisor Makes Money THROUGH Franchisee, not FROM Franchisee

We are at the speed of the consumer.

As a leading franchise consultant firm in Malaysia, we understand where you are now and where you want to be. Our experienced team of consultant has been there, done that and we will help you develop the best strategy for your business, and help you avoid common mistakes.

Choosing the very best franchise consultancy firm is essential. Anyone or any entity can claim they are qualified to help you develop a successful development program, but very few actually are.

We have been providing franchise consulting services in Malaysia for more than seven years and our expertise and experience is unmatched. Integrity and reputation is just part of why we are the best in the business, we also provide you with 24/7 hands-on, personal care and offer competitive fees and flexible payment options.

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We have been retained by companies either involved in or contemplating franchising, from mature, well known and branded clients to early stage start-ups. And, as a sought after expert witness for both franchisors and franchisees, you can feel confident that Smart Franchise Partner understand all facets of franchising.

Smart Franchise Partner is one of the leading franchise consulting firms in Malaysia, with over 10 years of combined experience.

Our consultant will help you enter the world of business ownership, assisting you in finding the right business that matches your skill sets and needs. Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that optimal success in Franchising is achieved through matching the right individuals with the right Franchise systems.

Smart Franchise Partner ultimate intention is to help you be as informed as possible about making a decision. Let us help you find the right franchise for you today.

Working closely with you at a practical level, we provide guidance to our early stage franchisors through this process and their early years. We help develop your:-

  • Business model
  • Brand and Marketing Strategies
  • Systems and Processes
  • Operations manuals
  • Development Program
  • Sales Materials and Marketing Plan
Siti Khadijah

Siti Khadijah

Franchise Consulting



Franchise Consulting

YAPCHANKOR | Pain Treatment Centre

YAPCHANKOR | Pain Treatment Centre

Franchise Consulting


Why Smart Franchise Partner?

Competitive Rate

Our consultancy and development charges are very competetive in comparison of other companies.


We have specialization in both franchise and business development.

Experienced Team

We have highly well experienced and determined young team.

Let us help you find the right franchise for you today!
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